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  • PETIGRU PLACE (Pending): On February 14, 2023, County Council overturned the decision of Planning Commission and approved a HIGH DENSITY MULTI-FAMILY SUBDIVISION on land in Pawleys Island that is designated as medium density by our Comprehensive Plan. Councilmen Bob Anderson and Everett Carolina voted to accept the Planning Commission decision to DENY this site plan. Stella Mercado & Clint Elliott (both newly elected to represent the Waccamaw Neck), along with Raymond Newton, Louis Morant, and Lillie Jean Johnson voted to APPROVE it. Residents of the Waccamaw Neck were surprised and disappointed that their two new Council members voted to approve the high density plan proposed by a Myrtle Beach corporate developer on medium density property. This was a devastating decision for the neighborhood and the entire community, and it sets a dangerous precedent. Adjoining landowners and citizens are left with no choice but to appeal this decision to court.


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Letter to County Council

  • MERCOM REZONING (Suit filed): Lawsuit filed on January 6, 2023, against Georgetown County for approving a zoning change for allow 90 high density apartments on land zoned for no residential use. Neighbors and Pawleys Island residents packed council chambers to oppose rezoning of the MERCOM PD for HIGH DENSITY development on land currently zoned for NO residential use and ZERO residential density in the traditional minority community of Parkersville. Notwithstanding that Planning Commission had voted 5-0 to DENY the zoning change on the basis that it violates the Comprehensive Plan, Councilman Steve Goggans, who represents the district in which the project is proposed, led the vote to APPROVE the rezoning.

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Summons & Complaint

  • PARKERSVILLE & PETIGRU (Suit filed): Lawsuit filed on October 24, 2022, against Georgetown County for approving two high density multi-family subdivisions in the Parkersville neighborhood of Pawleys Island on land designated as medium density in violation of the Comprehensive Land Use Map and state law. The Planning Commission voted to DENY both.  As part of this legal action, KIGA is requesting the county to bring its zoning and land use decisions into compliance with state law requiring zoning to follow the comprehensive plan.

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Summons & Complaint

  • MARBOEUF COURT (Spring 2022): A big win for our community! This developer sold the land and moved on after the Planning Commission voted to recommend DENIAL of a zoning request to substantially increase residential density on a lot currently zoned R-1 (one house per acre) to R-10 (more than 4 houses per acre) on a 1.1 acre lot along the marsh on Pawleys Island Creek. KIGA represented a number of neighboring landowners who vehemently opposed this, including the family of Governor McMaster. There were more than 220 letters of opposition and a big crowd turned out for the hearing.  


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Letter to the County

  • RETREAT AT STABLES (Spring 2022): Due to strong opposition by neighbors and KIG, this developer met with KIGA and community leaders and has substantially modified its plan to fall within appropriate density limits and to put other land on Petigru Drive into a conservation easement so that it can never be developed.

  • COACHMAN DRIVE (Appeal filed): Due to strong opposition by KIG and community residents, a developer withdrew his request to change zoning from residential to commercial in the midst of a longstanding heirs' property community. There is a related lawsuit pending whereby this developer sued neighbors to try to get the right to build a road through the yards of private residences in this neighborhood. KIGA is representing the heirs' property owners opposing this in court. This case is now on appeal to the SC Court of Appeals.

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Appellants' Initial Brief

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Appellants' Reply Brief

  • PRINCE GEORGE (Suit filed): Lawsuit filed on January 9, 2022, against Georgetown County for granting a rezoning to double residential density on the Goff property near Prince George along a dangerous stretch of Highway 17 across from Hog Heaven. The court ruled in our favor on Defendant'a Motion to Dismiss and that issue is now pending in the Court of Appeals.

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Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

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Summons & Complaint

  • COMPREHENSIVE LAND USE PLAN UPDATE (Pending): Working to insure meaningful public input in land use plan update and no increases in residential density on the Waccamaw Neck!

  • PAWLEYS ISLAND (February 2022): Successfully opposed a zoning change by an out-of-state developer to put a self-storage facility in a historically and culturally significant neighborhood in Pawleys Island.

  • WACHESAW (January 2022): Successfully settled a proposed zoning change on Wachesaw Road in Murrells Inlet to increase residential density. Developer and attorney listened to residents and agreed to amend request to no density increase.

  • HAGLEY (October 2021): Successfully opposed a proposed high density zoning change in Hagley near King's River Road. Developer listened to residents and withdrew his request.

  • PETIGRU APARTMENT COMPLEX (2020-21): Successfully opposed out-of-state developer's proposed zoning change to high density for a 182-unit multi-family apartment complex on Petigru Road at Mercom.

  • WAVERLY (2020): Opposed a requested zoning change to increase density at Waverly and King's River Road. County approved the Flexible Design District, but developer backed out.

  • LITCHFIELD COUNTRY CLUB (2019): Successfully opposed a requested high density zoning change to build 108 condominium units in Litchfield Country Club on racquet club property.

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