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Big Win for the Community!

We are thrilled to report a big victory for Georgetown County citizens last evening at County Council!

Council unanimously voted to defer a proposed GR ordinance revision pending an amendment that would retain the Planning Commission public hearing along with the requisite notice to the general public as part of the multi-family site plan review process. This is exactly what residents have been asking for.

Citizens are very grateful to all council members and especially to Bob Anderson, Everett Carolina, Stella Mercado, and Clint Elliott for listening, speaking out, and responding favorably to our concerns. We encourage citizens to thank their council representatives for supporting the people in this matter. We are better when we work together! You may thank council by emailing

Your engagement, presence, and input matters!

Thanks to the 1,200+ residents of Parkersville and the greater Waccamaw Neck who signed Petitions, along with a hundred or more who sent emails, and the large crowd of people who attended the meeting and spoke in opposition to eliminating the Planning Commission public hearing and replacing it with an in-house staff decision in multi-family site plan reviews.

Together, we are making a difference! We appreciate your continued support of our work to protect and preserve the Waccamaw Neck.

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