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Coachman Drive Rezoning Request

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Due to strong opposition by neighbors and KIG, a developer has withdrawn his request to change zoning from residential to commercial on a parcel of land in a residential neighborhood near Coachman Drive in order to accommodate yet another storage facility. This parcel and all adjoining land is zoned residential and much of it is heirs' property.

KIG learned that there is a lawsuit pending in which this same developer is requesting to build a road across three parcels of privately owned residential property to serve his recently acquired property. KIGA immediately became involved in the lawsuit to try to protect the interests of the residents and the entire community.

To learn more, please review court documents below.

Filed D Motion to Set Aside Entry of Default 03.25.2022
Download PDF • 121KB

Filed Request for Status Conference 03.21.2022
Download PDF • 84KB

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