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Council Turns its Back on Pawleys Island & Parkersville


Pawleys Island residents packed council chambers Tuesday evening to oppose rezoning of the MERCOM PD for HIGH DENSITY development on land currently zoned for NO residential use and ZERO residential density.

Dozens of neighbors pleaded with council to "Do the Right Thing," and follow the decision of Planning Commission which had voted 5-0 to DENY the zoning change on the basis that it violates the comprehensive plan.

Councilman Steve Goggans, who represents the district in which the project is proposed, was unmoved by his constituents' heartfelt stories about how zoning changes and inappropriate development are destroying their community and negatively impacting their lives. Not one single person spoke in favor of it.

Goggans led the vote to APPROVE the rezoning. Councilman Bob Anderson was the lone vote against the project.

KIGA, as legal counsel for neighboring land owners, Pawleys Island Civic Club, Parkersville Planning & Development Alliance, KIG, and community residents, argued that state law requires zoning amendments to follow the comprehensive plan.

LT CC 11.08.2022 & 10.25.2022
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Photos below depict the County Council meeting where many citizens spoke in opposition to the rezoning.


On October 24, KIGA filed a second lawsuit against the county on behalf of landowners and citizens groups, demanding that zoning ordinances and land use processes be brought into compliance with state law, and challenging approval of two high density subdivisions in the Parkersville neighborhood of Pawleys Island (Osprey & Regatta).

Complaint 10.24.2022 Parkersville Subdivisions fr
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The first suit (Goff), filed less than a year ago, involves a rezoning to increase density on land north of Prince George across from Hog Heaven. This action is still in the preliminary stages.

A possible third suit over the Mercom rezoning is being reviewed by our legal team. Legal proceedings are always a last resort and it is unfortunate that the actions of Georgetown County officials have made it necessary to consider this once again.

KIG is not against all development. We support smart development that (1) complies with the law, (2) is consistent with the natural character of the community, (3) is supported by sufficient infrastructure, and (4) benefits the community.


Our legal team has been working non-stop to protect our community from inappropriate zoning changes and land use approvals that do not comply with our comprehensive plan or other laws.

This is time consuming and expensive work and we urgently need your financial support. Your generous donations have helped us prevent a great deal of inappropriate development in our community to date and it is important for us to continue.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution today and spread the word to your friends and neighbors who may not know about us. The entire community benefits from our work.

Thank you for your continued support. Our future depends on it. Together we are making a difference.

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