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Graycliff Withdraws from Petigru

Keep It Green received great news this week! Graycliff Capital Partners has withdrawn its zoning change request to build the high density apartment project on Petigru Drive.

Thanks to all of you who signed the Petition, sent emails and letters, and attended or spoke at planning commission and council meetings in opposition to this zoning change and project.

Our community came together in overwhelming numbers as one voice and our voice was heard! Keep It Green is grateful for your continued support. There is strength in our numbers.

We want to thank the members of our Planning Commission for unanimously voting to deny this project. That sent a strong and clear message. We are also very appreciative of our County Council members who took the time to listen and support our community. Finally, we recognize the developer for hearing the urgency of our message and doing the right thing by our community.

Our attention remains on this property and this developer as there is still a chance that they will return with a new request in the future. Stay tuned and be ready.

Thank you all!

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