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Last Chance to Stop Increased Density on the Neck!

Two weeks ago County Council voted at second reading to allow an arbitrary zoning change in Pawleys Island from R-1/2 acre to R-10 which doubles gross density on a 14.77 acre parcel along the east side of US 17 on a very dangerous stretch of highway near from Hog Heaven. This decision was in spite of hundreds of letters in opposition and many outstanding speakers at public input. John Thomas and Bob Anderson, both from the Waccamaw Neck, voted against it and Steve Goggans, also of the Waccamaw Neck, voted in favor of the increased density along with the other council members.

Our county officials seem to have no regard for following our comprehensive land use plan which calls for no increased density. This was a request to rezone unsupported by any plan. This decision sets a dangerous precedent that would allow any landowner to request and be granted a zoning change for any reason or no reason and would permit all available land on the Waccamaw Neck to be re-zoned to increase density.

The people of the Waccamaw Neck should not have to beg our county officials to represent and protect us. We have a serious problem with council members failing to follow the overwhelming voice of the people with respect to issues affecting the neck.

There will be a third reading on September 14, at which time the County Council will have a final vote. Please email your opposition to and please attend the meeting to help make our voices heard.

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