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Ms. Lee G. Brockington Launches Discover The Neck

What draws you to the Waccamaw Neck? Is it the sandy beaches and endless rivers? How about the laid-back, hammock coast charm? Maybe it's the fascinating and important history of the Neck? Would you like to learn more about where we live?
Keep It Green is pleased to announce Discover The Neck: a multi-part educational series that will be covering topics pertaining to our land, environment, and community given over the course of the upcoming year.
Discover The Neck will kickoff Saturday, June 5th from 11am to noon at the Waccamaw Library with a presentation by Ms. Lee G. Brockington, noted writer, historian and long time resident of the Waccamaw Neck. Ms. Brockington will present "History on the Half Shell”, an overview of the way our environment affects our culture. Her presentation will explore the geography and broader history of the Waccamaw Neck, including the creation of barrier islands and bays, the rise of sandhills and river bluffs, archaeology, Native Americans, early port trade and agriculture, as well as Georgetown County's 20th century economy, transportation, natural disasters and exponential development.
We hope that you will join us for this informative session. Seating and parking are limited so arrive early to secure a spot. Please note that due to the large number of guests expected, we strongly recommend that all attendees wear masks.
We want to ensure that future Discover The Neck events meet your needs. Please help us select topics that are of most interest to you by clicking this link to complete a short survey! Thank you!

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