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Thanks to County Council

Residents of the Waccamaw Neck wish to thank our County Council for last night's decision to deny a rezoning request for outdoor boat, trailer & RV storage on forested land near the Pawleys Island Post Office that is part of a Planned Development not zoned for that use.

Many neighbors and adjoining landowners objected to the zoning change which offered no evidence of benefit to the community.

The request was located in District 6 which is represented by newly elected Council member, Stella Mercado. Councilors Mercado, Clint Elliot and Bob Anderson, all of the Waccamaw Neck, along with Councilors Everett Carolina, Lillie Jean Johnson, and Louis Morant did not second a motion made by Raymond Newton to approve the rezoning. Accordingly, the motion died for lack of a second and operated to deny the request.

Citizens were very pleased with Councilor Mercado's demonstration of strong leadership as the new District 6 representative on this important land use decision in the Waccamaw Neck.

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